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Broly is the most powerful person that universe knew before Weegee killed him with his his presence. Broly has a power level that is too high that not even Tails can calculate it. He, like You, is also cold and heartless, as shown when he killed his father, Paragus.


He was born on Planet Vegeta. He took over planets and destroyed them. He went cannibalistic on the citizens of each one which is why he has a six pack. He then came to Earth where he was defeated by Goku, the 69 Super Saiyan. He became sad and started eating a bunch of Burger King. He met Elsa and they had a kid, Rebecca Black. He did it with Lindsay Lohan, and they had a kid, Destiny Hope. He was revived when a scientist in scientology successfully cloned him.


After losing to Goku twice, he went to In and Out Burger. Weegee owned the franchise and since Broly refused to pay, Weegee burned him and took his soul. Broly now is the Nether, a hellish domain of Minecraftia tortured by satanic villagers. He was sentenced to serve in that domain until 2348, the day that was prophesized to kill all Saiyans, but jokes on Weegee! Look who's dead now?

Likes and Dislikes





  • Goku
  • Goten (son of Goku)
  • Gohan (son of Goku)
  • Vegeta
  • Trunks (Vegeta's son)
  • Miley Cyrus (rival)
  • Paragus (His father)
  • Anyone more powerful than him
  • Cap'N Crunch (Constantly making Broly's life a living hell in the canon world)
  • Frieza (nuff' said)
  • Jack Frost (rivalry over Queen Elsa)

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