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YTP Buck Alone

YTP Buck Alone

Buck Alone is a YTP by HourOfPoop, released on Christmas Day 2018.


Buck Russell spots a familiar face at the airport and realises it is Neal Page, his brother-in-law. Neal informs him that he will not be joining them for Christmas and credits roll. They reverse and Neal reiterates that he will be. As the drive off, Reverend Hedges warns them to beware of the Moon. Neal agrees, but Buck is unconcerned, stating his disbelief in a Moon that can talk, saying it would be more likely for MP Ed Balls to be a good dancer. However whilst he is mocking him, Charles Laughton himself arrives, and they drive into his enormous mouth, resulting in a massive acid trip.

Steve Harvey is walking his pet dog Luigi when he is run down by Buck and Neal reemerging from the warp gate. Buck tells Kate McCallister about his new diet, which is making him feel like a woodlouse. Kevin is instantly suspicious of his uncle, and picks up his Wolverine doll when it falls from his case. Kevin then blackmails Buck into filming Neal in the shower.

Pizza soon arrives, delivered by Peter Parker, whilst Harry the cop has also come to the house. Buck puts a clown nose on him, which irritates him and causes him to swear aggressively at Buck, who throws him out on his ass. Buzz McCallister rudely informs Buck that he has been left without pizza and pretends to barf it up. Buck punches him out, and is sent to the attic in his pyjamas until he apologises. Buck states he wishes Kate will wake up so stiff she can't even move.

The next morning, Christmas Day, a Stormtrooper has to take the now stiff as a board Kate to the hospital. Buck is left with Kevin, who threatens to torch the Wolverine doll before luring Buck into being hit by a paint can. The sadistic Kevin then blows up the Wolverine doll with firecrackers. Kevin then sits to watch "Crackerblanca" featuring Wallace and Wendolene. Buck arrives to kill him with a power drill, but Kevin retrieves a shotgun from under the bed and shoots him through the floor. When Buck goes to hit him with a fly swatter the next morning, he is caught by the returning McCallisters who have him arrested. Kevin waves as he leaves, but Buck assures the audience that he will be back.



  • Buck refers to the unlikelihood of British MP Ed Balls being a good dancer - he did in fact reach the semi-final round of Strictly Come Dancing.
  • The characters in the Nativity postcard are Marv, Albus Dumbledore, Shrek, Donkey and Wendolene Ramsbottom as the Virgin Mary.
  • The film ends with a dedication to John Hughes and John Candy.
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