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The pervert, the Burger king in his royal outfit

The Burger King is an evil king of eat and the creator and founder of Burger King. he also worked in Walt Disney Pictures.


A mid-nineteenth century, Charles Burger King hastily decided to emigrate to the United States of America. The reasons for such a hasty retreat may be because his archenemy Ronald Mcdonald had founded a new string of suicide food and disgusting economical for poor which caused him fame and money so to match ronald envy he think his own pizza chain burgers.

He has two jobs right now. Being the mascot at Burger King, and keeping everyone sane whenever the emergency word is said (See below). Unfortunately, the latter job is the only evidence of the Burger King being a good guy.

How to Summon Him

There is only one way of summoning him, and don't worry, it's simple. Just say the emergency word, which is Elephant. Not Elephants, just Elephant.