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The name is Bond, James Bond!

Hugh (a.k.a. Pingas, James, or Mama Luigi) is a character from Pokémon, he hates that his name is misspoken.


Bernie was a recruit in the Team Rocket Academy to become an official member of Team Rocket. During a test he took, Baff along with Cassidy and Raticate as his partners have become the top group of trainees in the Blue TeamButhjer and his partners compete with the Red Team on catching the red-colored Snorlax. Even though neither side managed to do so, they were made into official teams.

Joining Robotnik in the Food Business and Death

After an encounter with Captain Price, nearly being killed by his mustache, Baron retired to join Dr. Robotnik in opening a sports bar, as he announced at the 2013 Grand Galloping Gala. However, Bruce was never able to open it with Robotnik as he was killed by some big private military company CEO for smoking meth with this man. Since then, Brat was fired by Giovanni from the Team Rocket despite being already dead.

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Buford: Wait. Or is it Brewster?

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