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Buzz Catches COVID-19 it's a YTP uploaded by HourOfPoop on June 20, 2020.


This pandemic has affected all of us and the toys are no exception. After learning that the roll is gone, Buzz Lightyear must venture out to get some more, but will this come at a cost?


YTP- Buzz Catches COVID-19


In the beginning of the YTP, Buzz watches Rex play a video game until his avatar as Tom Hanks falls in the lava and dies. To make him feel better, Buzz tells Rex that he makes a better Tom Hanks than Woody, while the latter has sex with Bo Peep in Andy's sock drawer, much to Mr. Potato Head's shock. After finishing, Woody arranges a staff meeting and informs the toys that they will be going on lockdown due to COVID-19.

Woody then runs to the bathroom to go #2 after shooting down Buzz's shmoe antics. Once he finishes, he realizes that the roll is empty and panics. The toys inform Woody, specifically the Gnome outdoors saying "OOH", that the house's toilet paper supply is empty and Buzz fails to parkour over to him. Tarkin suggests he finds another way to wipe, so Buzz turns to Rex and suggests that Woody uses his head. Everyone goes against this and Mr. Potato head says that they just go buy some more toilet paper. Jessie asks to come with the gang as part of the search team, but Buzz turns her down, much to Jessie's dismay. As Slinky then wonders where they are going, Shrek approaches him and yells that they go outside.

Buzz, Potato Head, Ham, Rex, Slinky and Shrek, who falls off the roof and dies, take their leave. Before using Slinky as leverage to get off the roof, Buzz informs the other toys, they'll be back with some more Toilet Paper before Woody's butt gets dry. Mrs. Potato Head reminds him to follow the social distancing rule, but Buzz refuses, stating that there are no restraining orders for space rangers like him. Mrs. Potato Head then begins to berate Buzz for his stupidity as he leaves.

The next day, Ham informs the others that he's found a strip club owned by Big Al. They begin to forget their reason for leaving lockdown to go to the club until a car hits and kills Ham, who was eager to get across the street. They continue their original quest and head inside Safeway and everyone splits up to find the toilet paper.

As Buzz wanders around the aisles in search of the rolls, he gets pulled aside by Cagney, who tells him, "Strictly no jerking off! Strictly no crack! And no listening to Queen!" He begins to take his leave until Buzz turns on Queen's Fat-bottomed Girls. While they argue and trade insults, Gromit is lowered into the store from a helicopter by Wallace and begins stealing the toilet paper without them looking. After getting hit in the head and going on a travel of thought, Buzz opens his wings and launches Cagney through the wall. Buzz then turns to find the last toilet paper in stock and is about to retrieve it when Gromit swoops down, takes the last batch and takes his leave with Wallace who proudly claims that hoarding is a specialty of theirs. Buzz then receives a text from Woody who has grown impatient from waiting for so long.

As Woody mopes in the bathroom, Bo tries to comfort him and tells him that Buzz will get some toilet paper. Buzz arrives back in the room with the others and informs Woody that the rolls were stolen by Gromit, much to Woody's disbelief. Woody then rudely confronts Buzz on his failure. Buzz shrugs this off and goes back to building his fort. Curious, Woody investigates and discovers that Buzz has been hoarding the rest of the toilet paper this whole time and is using it to make his fort. Understandably upset by this, Woody begins to charge at Buzz, but is caught off-guard when he steps on something. When Woody lifts up his boot, he finds a COVID-19 awareness flyer that was laying around on the floor. Seeing this as an opportunity for revenge, Woody begins to falsely accuse Buzz of being infected with COVID-19. The toys, at first, don't believe him, but when Woody shows them the flyer, they easily fall for it. Concerned by this, Rex asks Woody about what to do with Buzz, and Woody ordering the gang to evict Buzz from the house. Still angry at Buzz for callously rejecting her offer, Jessie opens the door with Mr. Potato head throwing his hat at Buzz, knocking him out of the room. Rocky and the soldier figures work together to shut the door behind him, as Woody taunts Buzz as it closes. As Woody and the gang cheer, Buzz suddenly becomes convinced that he's infected.

With nowhere to go, Buzz sadly wanders the empty town, but gets his attention caught by a poster saying, "STAY AT HOME! WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY" which reminds him about his family. Later, Buzz sits on a wall as he sinks into depression then the moon appears and yells at him to get into bed, shocking Buzz and making him fall backwards into a trashcan. As the space ranger accepts his fate of living in the trash, another Buzz Lightyear toy shows up and tells him that it's alright. The original Buzz warns him that he is infected, only for the other Buzz to say the same went for him and a bunch of other Buzz toys around him. Buzz then smiles from realizing that he has a family and friends once again. Soon, all the Buzzes have a party in their apartment while watching movies, playing music and eating junk food as the original Buzz thanks them for being great while the YTP ends.

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