Caillou Loses His iPhone
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January 19, 2014


6 minutes, 20 seconds

Caillou Loses His iPhone is a YouTube Poop made by Poops4theWorld and released on January 19, 2014.


Caillou was turning out to be gay for the twins (Gayson and Jeshffery) and Gayson and Jeshffery was turning out to be gay for Caillou. Also, Gayson and Jeshffery are going to stay for LULz. Caillou was asking Mommy what they are having for LULz, and she thought Caillou can go fuck himself. Later, when Gayson and Jeshffery arrived at Caillou's house, it turns out that they're going to mate. When they are going to make pizza, they are given a dildo as a basis for their pizza. Daddy then comes in lagging, and he told Caillou and the twins that once worked in a "pizzeria" But he actually didn't, and he wants them to suck a dick.

Caillou starts spreading potato sauce "la dnuora" on his pizza, and Jason puts tons of sauce on his pizza (even though he doesn't like sauce much.) Along the way, Caillou makes a messed up "smiley face" on his pizza with mushrooms and Jason wants to fuck some broccoli on his pizza (and also wants to put his condom on his pizza.) Caillou imagined he was a real shit in a pizzeria. Jason made a fly, and Jeffery made a spider for the fly to eat.

Upstairs, in Caillou's room, Caillou made Jason and Jeffery pretend they're in a restroom. Caillou tells the twins that they have spiders, snakes, snails, but no pizza. Jeffery called Caillou a piece of shit, which results in 3 sponsors, a spoofed Peppa Pig episode, some sort of iPad commercial, and Tit Dirt. Only a quick portion of the main video is shown before broadcast has ended.


  • Eric Prydz - Call on me
  • Skrillex - Cinema
  • Trauma Center 2 - Gentle Breeze
  • The Dirtball - Mushrooms


  • According to the description of the video, the video was re-uploaded from the user's old channel.
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