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Caligula Caesar
Full Name Gaius Julius Caesar Germanincus
Aliases Caligula, Alex Delarge
Background Information
Status Alive, in hiding
Nationality Roman
Occupation Murderer (so far)
Alignment Evil
Sexual Orientation Straight
Religion Roman religion
Physical Description
Species Human/god
Gender Male
Age 29 (looks like), 2,005 (actual age)
Hair Color Golden brown
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Brown
Height 5ft 5in
Weight 165lbs
Breast Size
Power Level 9000
Enemies Anyone who betrayed him during the coup
Date Joined

– Caligula in the 1979 movie.

Caligula is the 3rd Emperor of Ancient Rome and he is known for fucking his own sisters. He was revived when the motherfucking Murica's government went to hell to run against this failure. Caligula forced his slutty cousin to have sex with him. His leadership swag is 10x better than Kim Jong Swag.

Caligula's favorite execution style is gassing with fumes from lead paint and a heat producing strobe light. He got the idea of gassing after touring a location which had a gas chamber. He murdered all of his rival's soldiers when the tried to attack him. He stabbed his cousin after he fucked/raped her. He shot Justin Bieber 5 times in the balls and beat up Fred Figglehorn making them both cry to their ugly mothers who hates them. His rival is this hoe. He fought against the Murican government and eventually won, creating The Holy American Empire.

Capture and Execution

He is still at large and will never be caught..... he declared himself as the new Jack the Ripper. Until Joffrey catches him in an assassination attempt on His son's life. Joffrey has Caligula executed by beheading.

War Against Gay Perverts

Caligula hates Fred Figglehorn so much, he beat Fred up and his beat up Fred's butt buddy Justin Bieber. He beat them to the point of being near death. He kicked Drew Pickles in his 300 mile long cock. He beat up This young pervert and left him in the sewer bloody and beaten.

Caligula's Most Epic Fail

He declared war on Neptune during his rule as emperor. He tried to cross the English Channel to invade Britain but he decided not to. He had his soldiers comb the beach for seashells. He lied to the senate and the people that he fought the ocean and won. Epic Fail!


Caligula trolled his Uncle Claudius when he was emperor by pulling practical jokes on him. When the senate had Caligula killed, they declared Claudius emperor and Claudius trolled Caligula by removing his name from all of the official records.

Even his statue has a badass rape face.


  • Killing
  • Raping female corpses (has a notorious necrophilia fetish)
  • His sisters (especially Drusilla)
  • Having swag
  • Michael Jackson (likes his music)
  • Absolute Power
  • Being emperor
  • Rick Astley (rick roll)
  • Owning Jordans
  • Trolling his uncle (Claudius)
  • Bane Cosby
  • His horse who Caligula appointed a consul.

Caligula forever