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McGee, one of the RISD campers at Camp Lakebottom

Camp Lakebottom is not only a cartoon on Disney XD in 'Murica (and Teletoon in Koridai), but a camp in Manitoba. It is across the lake from Camp Sunnysmiles. The Dimension Warriors have their base here.

The Camp is run by a Zombie named Sawyer, a Sasquatch named Armand, and a former Monster Hunter-Turned Chef named Rosebud.

The people from Camp Sunnysmiles hate this place. Dark Mandy also hates it. However, they don't know that this camp is FUCKING SHIT!!!

The show was cancelled in 6542 after the campers were slaughtered by an unknown figure. The show often gets rerurns that 10-30 people watch. D

Most of the forced jokes on Camp Lakebottom are dry and overrused, and only creatures like Bronies could enjoy them.

Known Campers

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