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Squidward holding a can filled with the holy Canned Bread.

Canned Bread is, along with Spam (Spiced Ham) and Sos, one of the basic foodstuffs in the YTP World. You can buy it in practically every corner where a shop is. Canned Bread is mainly made in Tentacle Acres and Bikini Bottom, but there are factories in just about every country there is.


Canned Bread is a soft, sticky food full of preservatives. Lacking in nutrients, it is almost pure fiber. However, it often causes digestive problems.

Despite this, Canned Bread is one of the most-bought groceries in the YTP world. Notably, it is the 4th most popular food in Murica, after the hamburger, French fry, and chicken nugget.

Dried Canned Bread can also be a weapon due to being as hard as a rock. Canned Bread will also never spoil, making it ideal for long journeys through desolate areas. Canned Bread is also used for biological warfare.

People who often consume Canned Bread