Birds are magical creatures in the land of Koridai. When they sing, it's always beautiful. A strange feature is the fact that their chin is actually their ass. In real life they are just annoying little motherfuckers who shit on our cars.

Gwonam loves to watch them while at the park and listen to them as they sing. Link, on the other hand, hates birds and wishes they would all die.

The birds have a dark side. In Dinner heroes they are seen as evil beings who only want to kill for no reason at all.


In real life, some birds (such as crows, parrots, and shrubjays) are as smart as chimps who are smarter than dogs. Crows are even smarter, as they can craft basic tools previously thought to only be craftable by humans without using hands. But forget that, this is SPARTA!!! YTP.

Dak birdsr

The dark side of the Birds

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