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The Chef

Chef Hatchet is a character of Total Drama series, He's a killer that makes the food with flesh of human corpses, He was a prisoner of Hyrule State Prison and now he's the cook of the prison.


Existing war veteran, Chef Hatchet is deranged chef cooking meals daily unclean our campers have the unfortunate pleasure of tasting, some have died from their food poisoned with arsenic, ammonia, rat poison and other, but Chris ends reviving them with black magic.

Apparently the guy was a rapper, singer, Adam Sandler double and all kinds of existing work and still nobody knows. Before he was a sergeant in the army, but was discharged due to a confusing incident that does not have much information. All we know is that there was a cheese grater and the bodies of a soldier involved. Continually dresses as a woman to like Chris.

In the prison, he was forced to make friends with Dr. Wily in order to survive. Their friendship quickly ended after Duncan lied about him to Wily. To Duncan's dismay, he dropped the soap in the showers the next day.