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Chocadooby (born 1959) is an old rotten egg that shouldn't be alive, but he is no longer alive anyways (His twin brother Chocadoobie is still alive).

He is not to be mistaken for Humpty Dumpty.

Chocadoobie on the left chocadooby on the right

His only thing in his life was successful was premiered the Chocadooby show that only had 2 episodes in only being premiered in 1984, it was canceled because he said a racist slur on the second episode.

He died in 1998 of keeping his apartment door open while watching sonic underground, Hirohito walked in and smashed Chocadooby to pieces with a hammer which resulted in dried egg juice and yolk going everywhere. Hirohito even ate him as "protein" but we all know he was just being a mega douche.


Chocadooby: well we buried what was left of him.

(Lived: 1959 - 1998)

Resurrection and Death

He was resurrected and killed again by Kefka. Kefka wanted to give to himself more reputation so he decided to resurrect Chocadooby and tell him that he could invade Kefka's Tower to bring gayness to everybody in Quebec. However, Kefka betrayed him and killed him when he used his secret dildo and raped Chocadooby until death.


Chocadooby: Well We buried what's left of him. Born once, died twice. Wow

(Lived: 1959- - 1994-2011)