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"This is the story all about how my life got turned right upside down."
– Oh wait, wrong guy

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Chris Rock is a super crazy spoiled black kid from Everybody Hates Chris and the most childish boy in the world. He wants playboy magazine everyday when his relatives and friends don't see him.


He was a little kid that was born somewhere in the US. He had a show but the critics hated it so much, they declared him the devil kid in the show. He was banished from the US but still lives there in a crappy old shack in reading and watching porn everyday with Barack Obama. He got a stack of shipt from Santa Claus for being a retarded and perverted child.

Later, in Skellington's Revenge, Chris Rock appeared in the YTP telling SpongeBob about his letter to Santa. But when SpongeBob hears about he wants playboy magazine, SpongeBob denies this and punished him by locking him into a bottle and launching it to the surface using the cannon. When Chris arrived at the surface he yells saying he hates SpongeBob for what he did.

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