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Chuck Norris, master of awesome.

He's even pwned Brian

Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris is an actor and the most powerful person in the world. He is some guy with bad cool hair. He was a commando or a Texan ranger or something like that. On the Internet, he is considered an equivalent of God. Various "facts" about him were created in later 2005, complete with huge exaggerations. Some people unfortunately find these jokes funny to this day, and they are constantly posted on forums.

He almost played Red Forman in That '70s Show but didn't because he would easily become superior to everyone else on the show.

he almost died at the battle of old sack hill but was healed by his beard.

Karate Kommandos

At some unknown time, Chuck Norris created the Karate Kommandos. They were so legendary they got their own cartoon.


  • These jokes aren't funny but Chuck is forcing us to laugh at them
  • It is unknown why so many people find him "the equivalent of God". Probably due to all the action movies he was in.
  • He has owned Brian more times than he has shot a gun.
  • He is the most powerful character mentioned in this wiki.
  • If he were to fight Bruce Lee, the battle would end with both dying.