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Claude Frollo

Claude Frollo (born Febuary 12, 1433) is your favorite old, religious, perverted, pyromaniac, paranoic, racist judge. On an average day Frollo can be seen singing to his fireplace about women who are out of his league that he wants to force to have sex with him. Despite this, he also likes to imagine beautiful men. 


Frollo was born on Febuary 12, 1433, to two gay parents, he  has a pretty extensive and multinational family tree, most of his relatives being from other countries. This is the result of the Frollo's family's  bloodline having very active social lives.  due to their extreme religious values, Frollo did not live up to his ancestors' example, as his whole family was gay and was surprised that, Claude was straight, and loved, girls calling them "hot", which they disproved of, living with his gay family was the reason he also because alcoholic, and he eventually left his family, when he was thirteen and later was adopted by lesbian parents, which disgusted his parents, but he loved it, during that time he killed their maid, because she took away his fireplace privileges.


  • Frollo stays the same age within a 20-year lapse.
  • He is an alcoholic
  • Women who find him extremely attractive are called "Frollophiles"
  • He hates Non-Christians, and will beat anyone whos not a Christian, despite the fact he is a satanist.


  • Ratigan
  • Burning People
  • Burning People's Houses
  • Burning his dog
  • Burning the world
  • Burning Gaston
  • Burning Everything
  • Captain Phoebus
  • Panty
  • Sex
  • MediEvil