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ClawsWard is a bad-rendered monster from Monsters Inc., who was pretty much scared the shit out of by a 6 year old kid. He was so close to dying at that moment in his life, he ran out the door again and cried. We don't know his relationship with Sully and Randall.

Before losing his job to a little girl, he had pretty much feared by everyone. No one would dare punch him in the dick. After that event however, he became a loser and eats now his Dinner at Burger King or other Murican fast food chains for the rest of his life.


  • It's very likely that the kid who almost killed him was Yoko Littner when she was younger.
  • His full name is Pete Claws Ward.
  • He is part of the Squidward Famliy, by the fact of that "Ward" is in his name.