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"Waddle around and met new friends"
– Club Penguin's motto

Club Penguin is a MMO online game that started from 1 to 11 years. However became a MMO online shame due itself gave depression to free players due to its membership and limited play rules that they only adopt two puffles as Clubpenguin’s tricky way to benefit membership for new events, puffles, furniture, clothes, and more fun. Could. Penguin also leave it's non-members naked and have less fun due to membership. Club Penguin made more worst parties in 2016 (more new items only for members and new backgrounds and new pins for free players and everyone) and including the cloned Frozen Fever Takeover Party 3 times in Aug 2014, April 2015, and then back to Aug 2016 as a tennis war with April v.s. August. It will shut down and began to close in March 29, Bon Voyage! (Waddle on, always). It is also a fun game to play until it lasts forever. Club Penguin is also considered as an dry meme too. After the death of Club Penguin, it became a scary place populated by penguin zombies, zombie puffles, Zums, Zingoz, Zangoz, Furbies, Boobahs, and Teletubbies. Club Penguin were became an secret base of the Resistance from the 2nd Dimension, John Doe and Jane Doe, Herobrine, and then Ganz Headquarters as well. The Resistance's secret base is the Pet Shop and Puffle Hotel and the Ganz Headquarters secret base is the Club Penguin University, John Doe and Jane Doe’s secret base is the Everyday Phoning Facility, and Herobrine’s secret base is the Ski Lodge. Some penguins survive like Snowybear301 and his pet puffles, Abby2236, or Thinknoodles. Herbert P. Bear has now finally ruled Club Penguin with his Solar Laser 3.0.


  • Club Penguin is created by Screenhog until owned by Disney
  • Club Penguin is also promoted with Disney Ads
  • Club Penguin also lasts forever until Club Penguin Island is open
  • Club Penguin also have apps for mobile: Club Penguin App, Puffle Wild, Sound Studio, and Sled Racer
  • It is one of the MMO online games and MMO online shames that troll you


  • Membership
  • Members
  • EPF
  • Puffles
  • Disney Ads
  • Walt Disney
  • Disney Takeovers
  • Promotions


  • Non-members
  • Free Players
  • Former Members​
  • Herbert P. Bear
  • Klutzy
  • Tusk
  • Pirate Crabs
  • Skip the Ghost Bellhop
  • Shellbeard
  • Darth Herbert
  • Constantine

Dawn of The Final Day

In March 29, 2017, the Moon had finally crashed Club Penguin world, wiping out the entire Penguin and Puffle species in this MMO online game once for all. Thanks to some penguin who've been possessed by Majora's Mask, destroying everything from its own kind.