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A casual sunrise on CoRoT-7b.

CoRoT-7b is a rocky planet that orbits the Sun 23 times closer in than Mercury. It was discovered by Koridan scientists in the year 2009, and is about 58% larger than Earth.

It has two sides: a hot side and a cold side. Its hot side is so hot that there is a lava ocean and a rain of rocks, while its cold side is like Hell frozen over, just without the Great Mighty Poo.

CoRoT-7b's atmosphere is a mixture of oxygen, rock vapor, and gaseous magnesium, aluminum, calcium, silicon, sodium, iron, and more. Much of this rains down back into the lava ocean, thus causing a deadly precipitation cycle.

In the very far future, the planet Mercury is thought to collide with Earth. It is unknown when this will occur, but according to an analysis in 2014 this will occur due to CoRoT-7b's volcano propelling it away from the sun, causing it to hit Mercury. The Moon may protect Earth from the mixture of CoRoT and Mercury, potentially creating several new moons from the debris of CoRoT, Mercury, and the Moon.


People do not know CoRoT-7b's mass for some reason, but many researchers have come up with conspiracies... and then fought each other to support their claim. One person said that it weighs 4.8M, another said that it weighs 6.9M, a third said that it weighs between 1M and 4M, and an uncertain person said it weighs 5.9M. However, people have agreed on one thing: that it weighs less than 9M.


  • A year here lasts only about 20.5 hours of Earth time.
  • This is the article about the planet in the YouTube Poop world. While the planet DOES exist in real life, it orbits a star in between 489 and 554 light-years away from Earth.
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