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Cobra Commander is the main villain in G.I. Joe series. Cobra is a commander of the Systems Alliance to whom was entrusted the difficult task to close all illegal brothels in YTP World, and take the chance to save the universe from rebel fucking a threat capable of destroying all creation of Great Mighty Poo, Evil Abed.


Little is known of Cobra before his rise to fame as an enemy of humanity. There are many different versions about his past, however, the reality is that Cobra worked as a bouncer in Shell City. He was known for his frequent Distributions from beatings unorthodox methods to oust those who would not pay for the glasses and also for his success with women (had sex with more women than Billy Mays). This fame and seductive hard was precisely the kind that opened the doors to the Cobra organization, where he would have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability handing out beatings potential. After years of hard training violations from the team of Cobra, He was ready to make the leap to fame as an enemy of the Sigma 6. He was given a groovy costume with a rifle and was told to "go there Cobra and those Break his ass aliens resolves the conflict in the best way possible." And so, Cobra successfully completed mission after mission (and occasional extinct civilization) into a commander of unknown worlds.


Cobra claims to be the only creature that has resisted and survived smart bombs of Aku (according to him, he is well known that the pumps simply ignored him little thing). He added his image in his underwear to the flag of Shell City, and has shown that he can do a marathon program of 12 hours without anything real to say and still get people like that seal clap. This record surpasses even the heavy and unpalatable television organized by Nazi TV, despite their level of boredom the program is capable of putting the "Emaciated" wildly every time a fart shows.


Our Cobra is able to see that they are well away assassinations or wars that he alone stands as possible, but mysteriously can not see the more serious scourge that has in his government and he has over, knocking him this entire propaganda apparatus and that he is merely a mask when advertising in the background is just that .... sell a product that does not work.


  • Be a dictator
  • Destroy YTP places
  • Aku
  • Being a disgrace to his country
  • Evil