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Communist Party
Background Information
Leader Miley Cyrus
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The Communist Party is the head party of Planet Pingas. Planet Pingas was invaded by Miley's forces in 2078 AD.

It is led by Miley Cyrus. The Communist Party fought against the Saiyan Army during The Broly/Miley War . The Saiyan Army pushed the Communist Party off of Planet Pingas, and re named it New Planet Vegeta. The Communist Party moved to Planet Piness, and Planet Piness became Planet Miley. Her government fell when the Neo Saiyan Empire conquered Planet Miley

They ruled Planet Miley with an iron fist. They also control countries such as North Korea.


  • Miley Cyrus (head of party)
  • Carly Shay (head of secret police)
  • Kim Jong Un (Head of Communist Party of North Korea)