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Switch to your pistol dammit!

Corporal Dunn is a Rangers Army Personnel. He is a major sniper and a Brony as well. He also likes to abuse the privates. Dunn is also the retarded lost brother of John Cena.


Dunn was born sometime in the 2000s. He worked as a mechanic until he was drafted into the army. He became a corporal who has nothing better to do than to take orders from Sergeant Foley. He has a bitch called James Ramirez who has to do everything even though he is a Private.


During the Russian invasion of Equestria, Dunn saw Vladimir Makarov execute 6 ponies in front of him. Dunn was spared from the execution but was thrown into a pit. He was rescued by ponies. Since his little experience, he hails everything in Equestria.


Dunn fought multiple battle in World War III regardless of his multiple headshots and wounds. The guy is literally immortal if you survive a machine gun to the guts. Despite all of this, he fought every single fucking day.


Unfortunately, Dunn was shot by one of Vladimir Makarov's minions but he achieved to save a pony that was a prisoner of war.