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"Cutsman's the name, cutting's my game and I don't mean hair!"
– Cutsman



Cutsman's first YouTube Poop!

Cutsman (or The Deadly Cuntsman, The child of Cut Man and Gutsman and Jack Nicholson with scissors on his head) is a super gay hairdresser robot that was one of Dr. Wily's crazy creations.


Cutsman appears in Captain N, like a villain of videogames of Megaman, He has a super faggot and poor face that the protagonists feel sorry for him and his stupid and gay concept.

Fired from his work

Later, he was fired in his work in the Captain N series and was punched in the face by King Hippo and Samus Aran in the process. Cutsman had no choice, he needed to find another work in to get enough money to masturbate without using his hands.

In the search of a work

Later, he went to Squidward's House to ask for work, but Squidward hit him with his clarinet and threw him to the Hyrule State Prison where he was raped by bandits. A time later, he escaped from the prison.


  • Many people in YouTube hates him for his stupid design (mostly the face). He is so hated that in his first video, Cutsman was called a fucking dick and "Cuntsman".
  • He is parodied by Cut Man.
  • He likes Justin Bieber, but when Justin died, he turned evil and gay.
  • He's the most stupid and gay robot in the universe.