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Cybertron is the name of the planet where all Transformers originated. The planet was created by Primus with the help of the Great Mighty Poo and other gods of YTP. Cybertron is close to Earth and Planet Pop Star. Cybertron is also known for having advanced technology than the one You use and Grimlock's best restaurant in the universe, "Eat at Grimlock's".


The planet was created by Primus, Unicron, The Great Mighty Poo and other gods of YTP in order to create a planet made for robots. However, Unicron became furious when they forbid him of indulging cocaine on children and betrayed the other gods using his dick as a spear but Primus ultimately killed him cutting his cock and using SPARTA, Unicron fell into an endless abyss for the rest of his eternal life. After that, Primus and Great Mighty Poo ended the planet and Primus decided sacrifice himself to become the core of the planet and bring life in Cybertron. The Great Mighty Poo and other gods of YTP honored him as a hero by making a Pokemon party with Bob as special guest. Since that day, the planet originated Cybertronians.

Autobots and Decepticons

This planet was divided into two main cities: Autobot City, where the good and fat strong Autobots lived, and Decepticon City, where the unemployed Decepticons lived.

The Autobots were led by Optimus Prime, who said that there was one woman that had not vagina and possessed the "Great Pingas of the Autobots." The Decepticons, however, were led by Megatron, the vagina licker who was always babbling about his ability to lick 100 vaginas per seconds and everyone expected that someday Starscream backstabbed him (he failed).

Both Autobots and Decepticons battled each other for years, all because of a dispute done by Megatron on a thursday about selling Cybertron to Planet Pop Star and avoid getting a job. Optimus and the autobots beat the shit out of Megatron and forced him to wash dishes for the rest of his life. The legend says that Megatron's spark wanders in the bathrooms of Cybertron.

In this event Titanfall vs. Transformers, the Decepticons are everywhere in The Frontier.

Known Cybertronians


  • In the ongoing event called Titanfall vs. Transformers, Cybertron is actually migrated from Transformers Film Series universe to Titanfall universe in order to bring more Decepticons to cause chaos in The Frontier.
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