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Kneel before Cyrus!

Cyrus is the boss of Sinnoh's regional cult, Team Galactic. He hates all love and happiness, seeking to reboot the entire universe into one soulless giant Starbucks. As the disciple of the Great Mighty Poo, Cyrus is one of the most powerful beings in The YouTube Poop World.



Cyrus was the rape baby of Cyrana, a poor woman who suffered the wrath of a naked fiend. Cyrus first learned about friendship when he first watched My Little Pony, but he found the concept to be pointless and distracting. Most kids simply avoided him, but he had to the deal with two bullies, Archie and Maxie who would continuously call him a nerd. One day Cyrus witnessed Don Random destroying the Clown School of Pennywise; with that experience, Cyrus decided to create his own team.

Team Galactic

Cyrus founded Team Galactic, a group of incompetent teenagers with Lady Gaga-inspired outfits. Their various actions included "stealing" honey from trees, harassing children, and blowing up a lake. Very few of their schemes would have anything to do with their cause. Cyrus wanted to manipulate the fabric of space and time to reset the universe to one that suits him better.

Becoming a god

Contrary to Cyrus' expectations, trampling all over the laws of reality did not end well and he ended up creating a black hole which he fell into, he was believed to have died, but what nobody knew was that this was not the case; he was actually warped into the alternate reality of The YouTube Poop World. During his suspension in an empty void, Cyrus met the Great Mighty Poo for the first time. The GMP told Cyrus that he (Cyrus) was spared because he was to be used for a much higher purpose. Cyrus, too scared out of his wits upon the sight of a giant pile of talking shit, accepted the offer and has been a follower of the GMP ever since. Cyrus met his alternate YTP self whom he killed and buried in the woods. He then took over the alternate Team Galactic, which he hoped would a much less stressful experience, but alas, he is still constantly pestered by obsessed followers and gold diggers.

Daily Life

Cyrus is at war with most of the YTP World, but he is at a great disadvantage due the exceptional stupidity of his team and the high mortality rate. Jupiter tried to solve this by giving them books titled "How to be a member of Team Galactic", Unfortunately, the members used the books to light a camp fire... which burned down half of TG HQ.


  • Cyrus is one of the few foreigners of the YTP World, as he is an immigrant from the Pokemon Universe.
  • Online rumors suggest that Cyrus gave the green light to Skodwarde and his squad to kill Ratigan's army and Ganondork was who told the idea to Cyrus.