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Dora Winifred Read MacDonald is Arthur's sister. She whines a lot, tries to annoy Arthur to death, and endorsed Mary Moocow for president in 2012. She recently admitted to having caused the blackout at the 2013 Super Bowl, and to having hacked Sesame Street's YouTube account. She also assassinated Bionic Bunny, and was the one who put too much mustard in the cure for AIDS.

DW Read





James MacDonald




Arthur Read, Kate Read


Mary Moo Cow, baby shows


Arthur Read, spinach

Early life

DW was born when her parents only 16, four years after Arthur was born (when her parents were 12), she grew up a whiney, spoiled child who hates spinach. When she was four, she attended Elwood City Preschool.

She was so fed up of her parents ignoring her in favour of their newborn daughter Kate that she tried to get her adopted, deported, executed at firing range and eaten by the King for his dinner.

DW also survived Arthur's Massive, Throbbing Hit.

Polital Stances

2008 Election

DW endorsed John McCain after it was found that Barack Obama ate spinach for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, she threw a long loud tantrum after Obama won the election and declared that everyone eat spinach as a substitute for junk food.

2012 Election

DW is lifelong conservative. In 2012 she endorsed Mary Moocow for president. However, Moocow quickly dropped out, and DW endorsed Mitt Romney, criticizing Obama for his pro spinage stance.