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Deuueaugh Fish was a fish, a monster, and a background character from Spongebob Squarepants. He was actually a blue version of Fred Rechid. He is known for be one of the most traumatic and funny moments in our lives.


He appeared in the episode "SOMETHING SMELLS." He also appeared in some other episodes (with different colors in each but he never used his DEUUEAUGH attack after that.) He was too scared to kill someone.


The source of this footage can be seen in in the Spongebob Squarepants episode Something Smell where Spongebob prepares himself an Onion Ketchup Peanut Sundae for breakfast, resulting in ferociously bad breath. Unable to understand why he is being avoided, Patrick convinces him that it’s because he is ugly (Patrick has no nose, therefor cannot smell) Then, Patrick makes SpongeBob admit that he is ugly and proud of it. It works, and SpongeBob’s confidence grows, so they go to the movies. At the movies Spongebob tell the Blue Fish (Fred) that he hopes his “horrible ugliness” does not bother him. He said "not at all", and then, Fred’s reaction…are these images.



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