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The Da Rules Book is a book that is found in the Fairly Odd Parents. Every fairy/genie carries one of these books around to remind the person about the rules of wishing. The list of Da Rules are below.

Da Rules Book at all its glory

Da Rules

This list contains all of Da Rules found in the Da Rules Book.

  1. No love-related wishes
  2. No death-related wishes
  3. No Anti-fairy/Pixie related wishes, unless if your fairy is an Anti-fairy or a Pixie.
  4. No money-related wishes
  5. No wishes in a competition, unless if it is a wishing competition.
  6. No wishing for disastrous things (wishes that results in disastrous things are still allowed)
  7. Adults are not allowed to see fairies, let alone making a wish to a fairy. (They are aloud to see and wish to genies.)
  8. Otherwise, any other wishes are aloud.


  • Even as a genie, wishing for more wishes are still allowed. But only for 3 more wishes.
  • Da Rules are oftentimes broken, but there is no penalty for breaking Da Rules.
  • If a wish succeeds, a cloud with the word POOF appears and the wish happen.
  • The Flying Dutchman has one of the books. This is because he was a retired genie.