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Dark Mandy is the Dark Matter form of Mandy. She is thought to be the most powerful female in the YouTube Poop Universe. Not even the Black Hiver, Skodwarde, The Red Guy, Giygas (Her father) and Giygas Jr. (her brother)can stop her!

She once tried to become the most powerful in the universe by taking on Lanky Kong, the dark god of torment. After five minutes, Lanky put her in a coma. She never emotionally recovered from her defeat, and now mentally thinks that Lanky doesn't exist. Exactly 1337 days after this, Dark Mandy met Lanky again and Dark Mandy's head exploded from confusion. Dark Mandy survived the explosion due to her head regenerating somehow, and she then screamed "Ah! It's the thing that doesn't exist!" and ran away in fear.

Character Info




  • Can shoot lasers out of her eyes
  • Can fly
  • Has a healing factor.
  • Can warp reality.


  • Only Mandy knows how to kill her.
  • Not even Skodwarde or Captain Falcon can defeat her. Except for the dark god of torment of course.
  • Her teacher was Tabuu, until he got raped by the Dimension Warriors.
  • To make a picture of Dark Mandy, you must invert the colors of Mandy.
  • For unknown reasons, her head regenerates whenever her head goes missing in one way or another.
  • She is immortal
  • Aside from Lanky, Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen can also beat her.
  • She created the Mandy Virus
  • For some reason, she has the same theme as Queen Sectonia (phase one) in Kirby Triple Deluxe