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"Good, good, let the retardedness flow through you"
– Palpatine to anyone

"Dew it!"
– Palpatine telling people what he wants them to do

Darth Palpatine.jpg

Sidious is waiting to say if your edit is good or shit.

Darth Sidious
Full Name Sheev Palpatine
Aliases Sheev Palpatine
  • The Emperor
  • The Senate
  • Mr. Speaker
  • Frank
  • Alright
  • Treason Then
  • Mistaken
  • Under Arrest
  • My Lord
  • Too Weak
  • Too Dangerous to be Kept Alive
  • Muzdsayor Heersoonur Thanexbekted
  • Grandma
  • Darth Stuckus
Background Information
Hometown Death Star
Status Alive
Likes *Killing Jedis and other people
  • Being an old faggot
  • Making jokes of Yo Momma
  • Pranking on his own team
  • Grimace (formerly)
  • The senate (himself)
  • Spinning
  • Power
  • Irony
  • Fantastic art
Dislikes *The Jedis
Nationality American
Occupation Emperor of the galaxy (formerly)
Alignment True Neutral
Source Star Wars
Sexual Orientation straight
Religion Sith
Physical Description
Species Human (or something else)
Gender Male
Age 80
Hair Color White (formerly red)
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Yellow
Breast Size
Power Level
Family The Palpatine Bros.
Date Joined

Darth Sidious (also called Emperor Palpatine, though his ex-girlfriend calls him Dath Hideous) is the dark lord of the sith and the main and true antagonist in Star Wars series. He is most known for his role in the Catholic church as Benedict XVI or "Popeatine". Darth Sidious is also known for being the enemy of most people in YTP Universe along with Drew Pickles and not even you can't deny it. He enjoys tellng people to "dew it."


The true reality.


He was born as anyone else on the planet Naboo, near to High Charity. He had a childhood complicated by his father who was a man loyal to his wife, but always hitting her, a bully who made fun of him by his look of idiotic nazi. At the age of 17, the young Palpatine was invited into the political party that was against his father only to fuck it (He was beat by his friends).

There he met a tall and mysterious subject that helped him in his plan. When Palpatine learned of this, he decided to put his son in a holiday colony, but his son gave him a surprise that unfortunately mutilated the family of the boy (Interestingly the small Palpatine didn't cried that day, if not quite the opposite).

The Dark Side

Abandoned like a pest, he was found by the mysterious and slender being who revealed his identity. It was a lord Sith named Darth Grimace, who welcomed him as his apprentice and renamed him to Palpatine as Darth Sidious (of insidious, since another name did not occur). Both went to be like the "Dynamic Duo", handing out pain and sorrow throughout the Galaxy, until one day the master refused to deliver to his disciple the secret of immortality, when Palpatine, taking advantage of the hangover yesterday of his master, throw you his lightnings to your drink, and thus step to be the great new Dark Lord. At some point during this time, Sheev assisted Michael Rosen in his conquest of Britain, before being imprisoned in an alternate dimension. He was eventually released after Michael had a change of heart.

Reign of terror

Palpatine's reign in the galaxy as an emperor was a complete son of a bitch, with the almost dead Jedi and his apprentice (and lover) Darth Vader and Darth Grimace assisting him with the authority in the Empire. For unknown reasons, Palpatine formed an alliance with his old friend Adolf Hitler in 1938 and collected precious things such as the Dragon Balls, new phones and imperial fighters, which unfortunately Hitler used to create a human bomb that in the end never used.


While Sidious was occupied dealing with Trump, Grimace revealed that he had plans for himself to betray both Trump and Palpatine. Enraged, Palpatine released a lightning to Grimace but it backfired to Trump. Later, Palpatine was masturbating on his office until Mace Windu tried to kill him but revealed himself to be Grimace seeking revenge on his former master.


  • Palpatine once tried the same retardedness as a certain brat but this time worse than him. He created an army of ants called "The Mutant Army" but obviously, the army was killed in the first invasion and Palpatine had to escape dropping out the cocaine while he ran out from the place .
  • He is the mortal enemy of a certain clown.
  • In one YTP, he was replaced with Emperor Bill Cosby who wanted Mowgli dead for some unknown reason.
  • His berserk button is being called Darth Hideous.

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