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We will kill you!

The Delightful Children From Down The Lane are a group of five kids that just act like one person. They are completely obedient to Father (KND) and Viacom Inc.


They used to be badasses from the KND known as "Sector Z" but got mind controlled by the stupid members of Viacom and turned into the hive-mind they are today. Their names are Bruce(short blond boy), Ogie (fat pigtail girl), Ashley (blonde bow girl), Lenny (helmet boy), and David (Tall boy). Most of the time, they stand in a group formation and speak in unison.


Most of the time, they are committing hate crimes and acts of terrorism on the behalf of evil adults who have been called "anarchists" and "terrorists" by the League of Lands. For some reason, though, the adults always elude military arrest and execution.

Fake Death

The Delightful Children From Down The Lane were all later found dead in a ditch. Rumors floated around as to who killed them, whether it was the KND, Chuck Norris, Eric Matthews, Finn, or Fionna. Eventually, Finn & Fionna revealed they were the killers and were thanked by the LoL.

However, it was later revealed that their death was fake and it all a plan by the Illuminati, but they were eventually murdered by the First Order.