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"You all get F's!"
– Denzel being a dick


Denzel Crocker (born March 13, 1960 age 61) is a douchebag teacher who created the Weegee virus in order to help take over the world. He is Dr. Richtofen's trusted assistant in creating viruses and monsters. working with all of that 115 made crocker go insane and start hunting fairies. He hates his student Timmy Turner and fails him for everything. He is also not very fond of Timmy's Brother.


He works as a teacher and a part-time Cashier at Morshu 's Shop


Aaaaannnd... That's about it. Goodnight!


  • Kyle Broflovski
  • Bart Simpson
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • His mom
  • Timmy Turner


  • Denzel Crocker was a member of group 935, as he was an assistant to Dr. Richtofen
  • Before becoming a crazed fairy hunting teacher, Richtofen and Crocker were conspireing against Dr. Maxis
  • He was the one who injected Samantha Maxis with 115, and he still hears her voices in her head, thus hunting the fairies
  • He likes Tyler because he enjoys constantly seeing him fall on his face and getting injured
  • Denzel Crocker once entered the hunchbacks who have poor social lives event. He lost to Quasimoto, and then was flogged by the rest of the hunchbacks.