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"Fuck the script! You will eat fucking McDonalds or you will Die!"
– Donald McDonald going apeshit

Donald McDonald is a sad crazy clown from a banned McDonald's commercial who goes on crappy Adventures. Donald goes crazy when the Cumburglar steals well... Cum from children. He has a butt buddy named Donald Trump and he rapes Trump almost everyday. He chases the Cumburglar when not raping Trump and those kids in the commercial.

A sad clown about to go apeshit

Donald hates when kids don't eat McDonald's and openly beats up the kids and stuffs McDonald's down their throats till they suffocate. When he turns animated, he gets retarded and gets annoyed with Grimass saying "thats what she said" when pointing at Bir DIE. When they went camping, they start smoking weed while trying to rap to Snoop Dogg. They instead sang "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift. This is his Adventure in McShitLand


Ronald McDonald goes ape shit

Donald goes apeshit

Other Hatreds

Donald also hates people from New Jersey. He says "go back to Jersey you retarded dumbasses." He goes apeshit every time he watches Jersey Shore and Mike "the Situation" says something dumb and punches a hole in his TV. He met Mike "the Situation" at a restaurant. He went apeshit and started beating up Mike after saying something dumb about McDonald's tasting like shit.

At Ganon's Bar

He goes to Ganon's Pub and started drinking Vodka. While drunk, He started to piss in the beer of King Harkinian and blames Fat Mario for the piss tasting beer. Ganon didn't watch Donald pissing in the king's beer. He only saw Fat Mario do it. Ganon called the police on Fat Mario.

Comrades in the MickyD Gang

  • Grimass
  • Bir DIE
  • Cumburglar
  • Sonday the Dogg
  • Donald Trump (honorary)

Enemies in the McDonalds Gang

  • Ronald McDonald
  • Grimace
  • Hambuglar
  • Birdie
  • Sundae the dog
  • Ted Cruz (honorary member in the McDonald's Gang)


  • Going Apeshit
  • Donald Trump
  • Donald Duck
  • People from Texas
  • Raping little girls


  • People who eats Burger King
  • Ted Cruz
  • Happy the Creepy as Fuck Happy Meal
  • The Wacky Adventure of Ronald McDonald
  • People from New Jersey