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Dora the Explorer
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6 (biological), 14 (real)


(Have fun trying to calculate it - without using the imaginary numbers, cheater!)


Stupid, Dora the Exploder


Unnamed location in Spain


Annoying viewers


Dora the Explorer being cancelled

Dora the Explorer is the asshole main character of the preschool cartoon of the same name.

Beginnings in Hyrule

Dora was born on April to a loving family in Hyrule. Her birth was long overdue because of her rather strange thought that Dr. Hibbert's hand was a monster. She was then diagnosed with brainaphobia, the fear of smarts. This led to strange behavior like talking to nobody, talking to inanimate objects and unintelligent animals like Boots and SpongeBob and believing that they were alive, imagining a cursor and many more.  It was later revealed that Dora had developed DOWN Syndrome & Acute Schizophrenia due to her complete lack of brains. Her family moved to...somewhere but they never told us.  All we know is that they now live in a secluded jungle where her parents completely ignore her, depressed that there is no hope for their brain damaged daughter.

New life

Dora then met a monkey who was a test experiment to a mad scientist who experiments with people and animals. (see Big Bird) The monkey was given red colored boots and was named Boots. She later met other animals that were also test experiments like Benny the Bull, Tico the Squirrel and Isa the Iguana. Her enemy was Swiper the Fox, but sometimes her mental illness got the better of her and she'd treat him as if he was a good friend.  Stranger still, Swiper for some reason is intimidated by Dora and usually stops whatever rotten deed he's doing if she so much as says, "Swiper no swiping!" like an immature baby (oh, wait, that's what she really is!).  Perhaps Swiper saw a dangerous side deep within Dora that no one else could...yet. She was also accompanied by her mutated backpack and her map.


Four years later, Dora was captured by a terrorist gang and taken to Iraq, where she was locked in a box. Seven more years later, she was released from the box and was released into the wilds of Germany where she was captured by Nazis and shot down.  But that night, Dora came back from the dead and started a zombie apocalypse that lasted long enough to weaken Adolf Hitler's army and cause him to lose World War 2.  Dora then returned to her home in the jungle and attacked all her former friends except for Boots and Swiper who teamed up and kiled her with a giantbomb.  But then Swiper stole Boots' red boots and Boots reverted into being a wild savage who was only seen leading a tribe of African Americans who wanted to kill Caillou since the Dora's Death incident.