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Dorah is Dora's evil twin. Dorah even murdered Swipit the fox.

Dorah as a psycho.

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Dorah was born somewhere in Shell City. Dorah's best friend is Booms. Although Booms is very afraid of her. Every time she shoots her gun, Booms hides behind a rock. (Or a tree.) Dorah is anime, unlike her cocky sister, Dora.

Life of Crime

She has gone to prison nearly 4 times, but escaped during every time behind bars.

1st Time

She murdered Swipit the fox.

2nd Time

She stole ten gems and threw them down a well.

3rd Time

She addicted Bendy the Bull into drinking.

4th Time

She resisted arrest.


When she finally shot Booms in the heart, Lisa the Iguana called the PFMS (Protection From Murderers Service) and so they hung her. However, she promised to curse whoever got her killed, so 2 days later, Lisa was squashed by a boulder and killed.

Character Info


  • Booms
  • Bendy
  • Lisa
  • Murdering People
  • Yelling
  • Olimon
  • Weegee
  • Malleo
  • Louie


  • The PFMS
  • Cops
  • Good
  • Swiper
  • Screaming
  • Being Tortured
  • Coronavirus