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Dorarage is a Doraemon's creepy clone. This robot was made by Shrek or Jeff the Killer. If you see him, watch out or call Doraemon for helping you.



Born on 2116, he created by Shrek and Jeff the Killer. Currently he escaped their owner using time machines. He fall of the time control and lost in time. (he doesn't even know how to use time machine)

However, If the person says "Doraemon is love, Doraemon is life...". Dorarage will pop out behind and kill you. The only way to stop him is

  • Call Doraemon (1-800-DORAEMON)
  • Pretend to be evil (if you are evil, friend him)
  • Call your father ASAP
  • Call Sonic the Hedgehog to kill him.
  • Said to him "You are in the wrong house, motherf***er!"
  • Say "Mice is love, mice is life."

These steps will make him gone for ONCE. If you still doing this, you will DIE.


  • Killing
  • Stalking
  • Rape You