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Double-Barrel Grenade Launcher
A double-barrel grenade launcher
Vital statistics
Type Modified MOAB Glue's weapon
Grenade launcher
Effects Effects of weapon depends on ammo type used
Source YouTube Poop
Cost to buy $3,840
Cost to sell $3,500

"Double-Barrel Grenade Launcher in YouTube Poop is a modified version of MOAB Glue that shoots explosives instead of glue. It's a multi-purpose grenade launcher for everyone including military forces"
YTP: Weapons

Double-Barrel Grenade Launcher is a grenade launcher that holds up to 2 grenades at the same time. In YouTube Poop, Double-Barrel Grenade Launcher and Belt-Fed Grenade Launcher are modified version of MOAB Glue, repurposed for shooting 40x46mm grenades of any sorts.

Double-Barrel Grenade Launcher is used by both military and police forces in YouTube Poop multiverse, it normally shoots frag and high-explosive grenades, but it can also shoot armor-piercing grenades, incendiary grenades, flashbang grenades, concussion grenades and even non-lethal sleeping gas grenades.

Double-Barrel Grenade Launcher is twice as powerful as M79 grenade launcher.


  • Various military forces, including US Marines
  • Various police forces (mostly, blunt-force grenades as well as tranquilizer smoke grenades)