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"Kirito! I'm gonna hit you!"
– Hyde to Kirito

Henry Jekyll/Edward "Hyde" Kido
Full Name Henry Jekyll
Edward Hyde
Aliases Jekyll (as Henry Jekyll)

Hyde (as Hyde)

Background Information
Status Alive
Likes Good (as Jekyll)

Beating people (as Mr. Hyde)
Defeating Kirito (as Hyde Kido)

Dislikes Evil (as Jekyll)

Kirito (as Hyde Kido) Asuna (as Hyde Kido) AVGN

Nationality Scottish (as Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde)

Japanese (as Hyde Kido)

Occupation Doctor(formerly)
Alignment Neutral (formerly good and evil)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 50
Hair Color Black and Yellow (as Hyde Kido)
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Scarlet (as Hyde Kido)
Breast Size
Power Level
Friends The Bingbong gang
Bing Bong
Enemies Everyone (especially AVGN, Kirito and his friends and family)
Date Joined

Dr. Henry Jekyll/Edward "Hyde" Kido was the main antagonist in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He later became the main protagonist in Under-Night in Birth.


Henry Jekyll, before he turns into Edward Hyde, is friendly toward anyone in the YouTube Poop World. However, when he transforms into Edward Hyde, he becomes grumpy, violent, merciless and evil. After became Hyde Kido, he became good again, but after he met Kirito. He became grumpy again.


Dr. Jekyll made a potion to repress his evil urge. However, the potion made him turn into Edward Hyde, who often beats people up. After he completely become Edward Hyde. He left his home town and made his own video game, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but his game was criticizes by AVGN. After that, he decided to make another game called Under-Night in Birth and made a potion to make him looks younger. Later, he renamed himself as Hyde Kido and forbids anyone who calls him Edward.


  • Most people in UNIB.


  • Everyone (as Edward Hyde)
  • Kirito (as Hyde Kido)
  • Asuna (as Hyde Kido)
  • Jotaro Kujo (as Hyde Kido, for refusing to kill Kirito for him)
  • AVGN (he criticize his game)


  • AVGN has no idea why Hyde Kido tries to kill him and he doesn't even know his name.
    • If AVGN played Under- Night in Birth, he may shocked that the main protagonist in the game named Hyde.
  • Hyde Kido had asked Jotaro to kill Kirito because Jotaro also hates Kirito. However Jotaro rejected because he hates Hyde because Jotaro thought that Hyde has relationship with Kirito.
    • After that, Hyde challenged Jotaro a fight and got defeated.