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Dr. Rabbit, Senior Rabbit



Sexual Orientation:



To teach kids all around the world about tooth health, sex, and black people


Neutral Evil

"You wouldn't know who this guy was if it wasn't for YouTube Poop"
– Stuart K. Reilly

Come on kids, I have more candies in the car!

Doctor Rabbit in the hell

Dr. Rabbit (born September 7, 1913 - died August 8, 2008, aged 94) was a purple rabbit dentist that starred in Dr. Rabbit's World Tour, a propaganda cartoon by Colgate that talked about brushing your teeth. He was a frequent Youtube Poop character who does not appear in any more poops ever since Colgate started taking them down. Although his legacy does live on as nowadays all you need to do is Google "Dr rabbit" and up comes poops. He was also very sexist and racist.  His favorite hobby was rape. What better character to use to advertise toothpaste than one who just like Bugs Bunny only has 2 teeth.

Life in Poop

Out of all 6 Dr. Rabbit movies, Dr. Rabbit's World Tour has by far seen the most attention as a source with most other Dr. Rabbit movies only having roughly 2 poops of them made.


The Bertrayal

Dr. Rabbit was one of Queen Beryl's enemies that existed to join the King and his friends in order to eliminate them. But learning from Mario's attitude, he turned against Queen Beryl. Failing to kill her, Dr. Rabbit was saved from her kingdom and was given AIDS via rape.


Dr. Rabbit tragically died on August 8, 2008 from the AIDS that was given to him from Queen Beryl. Many attended his funeral, but none of the kids he met on his adventure were seen.  His final wish was that his friends plant a tree on the moon in his memory; nobody bothered doing so.




  • Hello there! I am Dr. Rabbit!


  • I see you're enjoying those chips... but you are NOT doing your teeth any favors.
  • No no no.
  • OH NO! You should NEVER share your toothbrush.
  • ...ACID...
  • ...come!
  • Dental floss!
  • To Asia!
  • Australia, here we...
  • Speak English you dumb bitch!
  • And now... It's time to rocket!
  • That's why I'm here!
  • This brush won't do!
  • I don't know!

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