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Drawn Together is kind of worst cartoon than The Nutshack and Breadwinners. The humor was right next to the Invader Zim episode, "Dark Harvest."

The TV show and Movie was rated NC-17 due to its controversial and sometimes racist jokes. The Episode, "Terms of Endearment" had racist jokes because of the stereotypical portraying of other races.

The movie was considered a huge middle finger towards the censors because of all the inappropriate jokes. The plot was the cast was trying to be put back on the air while not being erased. Somewhat including a giant monster which eats its own shit.



  • Captian Hero- Parody of Superman.
  • Princess Clara- Parody of Disney's Princesses
  • Foxxy Love- Parody of Josie and the Pussycats
  • Spanky Ham- Parody of a flash animation
  • Ling Ling- Parody of Pikachu
  • Wooldoor Sockbat- Parody of SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Toot Brawnstein- parody of Betty Boop
  • Xandir- Parody of Link


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  • It is unknown they are anti-heroes or villains.