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Youtube Poop - Dying To Lie is a YTP uploaded by ThatGuyPoops. It's his most viewed video.


Patrick says "Liar liar plants for hire as the title card is shown. Then it shows Squidward j*rking SpongeBob off. Then Squidward is playing Up Up and Away, before he explodes then a disturbing version of Patrick appears. Squidward's eyes are black as it zooms into them. He wakes up to find SpongeBob h*mping Bubble Bass behind him. Later, Squidward drives to Dunkin' Donuts, with a bumper sticker reading 'B*tch, ask me about my day'. Squidward puts his hat on, as two planes fly behind. He walks past SpongeBob, then wears headphones in the Krusty Krab.

Mr Krabs and SpongeBob annoy him. Mr Krabs asks if Squidward is ready to exchange sh*t for employee brotherhood day. Then, a TV shows a Krabby Patty being made on Patrick's butt. Mr Krabs says that SpongeBob has a surprise. He gives Squidward a Pokemon battle. Spingebill and Squidturd battle, Squidturd uses "Stupid Sh*t" (Which causes 'Arab Money' to play), then Spingebill uses "Ugh" (Which causes 'Striped Sweater' to play) and wins. The narrator quits his job narrating the battle, as Patrick is shown watching the whole thing, with an angry face. After this, Squidward says he's buy the little d*ckhead a Gumball. Mr Krabs tells Squidward to kill him. Squidward points a gun at SpongeBob's head and shoots. Now, SpongeBob comes into Squidward's house and stands over him in his bed.

SpongeBob is shown to be watching this on his TV on Brazzers, and he changes the channel when Gary comes in. Squidward later keeps rejecting SpongeBob and Patrick at his door. Squidward gives Mr Krabs a pie bomb, which he starts licking. The Krusty Krab explodes, and SpongeBob finds a letter from Squidward next to a bomb, saying "F**k You". He then starts h*mping Mama Krabs, then telling Squidward some jokes. Squidward crashes a car, then gets killed by SpongeBob, who is in his house doing a surgery on Squidward. It cuts to SpongeBob wanting to see the "sus-set". Squidward visualizes SpongeBob causing 'DEUUEAUGH' to happen due to his gayness, then Mr Krabs listening to some music. Now they do some weird counting and SpongeBob h*mps Bubble Bass.


Patrick Star: Liar liar, plants for hire

(Squidward is m*sturbating SpongeBob)

(Young Money Productions)

Squidward Quincy Tentacles: (playing Up Up and Away on piano, before he explodes) You were supposed to explode!

Eugene Harold Krabs: Mr Squidward!

SpongeBob SquarePants: You mean this pie!

(Squidward wakes up, and is immediately shot. The scene restarts and Squidward wakes up to find SpongeBob h*mping Bubble Bass behind him)

Squidward: Why don't you get back in the kitchen and give them what they came here for!

(He is driving to Dunkin' Donuts, and the screen shows a bumper sticker that reads "B*tch, ask me about my day". Squidward walks past an overly excited SpongeBob)

Mr Krabs: Good morning, Mr Squidward! (Squidward isn't listening) So, are ya ready?

Squidward: To get Arab Money?

Mr Krabs: No, to exchange sh*t for Employee Gay Day! (static)

Realistic fish: We interrupt your laughter in other people's expense to give you this news flash. The free food-

Mr Krabs: (Krabby Patty is being made on Patrick's butt) We start with a fresh patty, grilled and juicy. Add some crisp undersea veggies and cheese. Topped off with secret sauce and some buns!

(Ugh, what am I doing?)

SpongeBob: Tartar sauce!

Mr Krabs: Now pay attention! The n*gger got a surprise for ye!

SpongeBob: Squidinator, in honor of employee brotherhood, I present to you, a gift!

Narrator: (subtitles) WTF!?!?!? Squidturd uses "Stupid Sh*t!!!" (Arab Money plays) Not effective..... Dumba*s! Spingebill uses "Ugh!" (Striped Sweater plays) Seriously!?!? That's it!?!? Come on!... That was the stupidest Pokemon battle I've ever seen in my life! >:( SMH You know what!?!? I'm done narrating this sh*t... Goodbye world!!! This job was a waste of time!...

(Patrick is watching it, and is mad, with the caption, "(My Viewers)")

Squidward: I'll buy the little d*ckhead a Gumball! (Gumball Watterson appears)

Mr Krabs: Oh, no no no no no lad, you know the rules. Ya have to kill him!

(SpongeBob is in the kitchen about to start crying, when Squidward puts a gun to his head and kills him. The scene switches to a Brazzers video)

SpongeBob: Did you miss me?

Squidward: Come on in, you look stunning...

(SpongeBob is naked, standing over Squidward)

SpongeBob: See it is too small

(SpongeBob is watching it on his TV, and changes to the sports channel when Gary comes in)

Gary the Snail: Meow

SpongeBob: GARY!!! Haha, I was just looking for the sports channel, Gary!

Squidward: (opens the door to see SpongeBob and Patrick various times, each time saying no. They eventually appear behind Squidward)

Squidward: WHAT!?!?

SpongeBob: Ready?

Squidward: Okay, here it is Mr Krabs, fresh from my a*s

Mr Krabs: I gotta make sure you did it right

SpongeBob: Oh yeah Mr Kra-

Mr Krabs: Wait a second. A bomb? (starts licking the bomb, until it explodes and glitches)

SpongeBob: It's from Squidward! To SpongeBob. F**k you. The first thing I wanna do, is Mama Krabs! (Shows him h*mping Mama Krabs) Knock knock jokes! Hey Squid, knock knock!

Squidward: Who's there?

SpongeBob: I am!

Squidward: I am who?

SpongeBob: I am gay!

Squidward: (forced laughing) Oh...

(Cuts to Squidward crashing a car)

SpongeBob: Turn left, and stop!

Squidward: (screaming because SpongeBob is doing a surgery on him, causing blood to splat all over the window from the outside)

SpongeBob: Watch the sus-set, with Squidward!

Squidward: Sus-set? (Has a vision of a scene from Something Smells)

SpongeBob: I hope my horrible gayness won't be a distraction to you

Blue Fish: DEUUEAUGH!!!

SpongeBob, outside of the vision: Hey look, it's Mr Krabs (Mr Krabs is on his exercise bike in the vision) Okay, see you later! (vision ends)

SpongeBob: Five! You do the rest, buddy!

Squidward: Fouuofour, 3 2 4 2 3 2 1! (The End!)

SpongeBob: I guess we started too early!

Bubble Bass: I don't think so!

SpongeBob: (gasps) Bubble A*s!

(Okay! It's definitely over now! 0_0 Thanks For Watching! -ThatGuyPoops)

(Screen shows SpongeBob h*mping Bubble Bass)



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