YouTube Poop Wiki

Ear Rape is a Poopism that involves increasing the audio's volume to the point of distortion. This is also known as "blasting". Ear Rape can be achieved by amplifying sound effects to +12dB or more, or using waveshaper.

In YouTube Poop and IRL, loud sound are considered Ear Rape if you're very close to loud sound sources, such as explosions, gunshots and jet engines.


Most of the viewers of YouTube Poop don't like Ear Rape. It is usually because they wear headphones, causing ear pain or damage when Ear Rape poopism comes right on your face.



There is another variation of Ear Rape known as Noise Removal, in which the audio also has the Noise Removal/Reduction effect applied along with the Ear Rape in order to make it sound disturbing as well as annoying. It also commonly uses video effects that are disturbing as well.