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The Eds

Ed, Edd n Eddy are a small group of generally hated kids who conduct various scams on the kids in Peach Creek. They are known for their extreme love for Jawbreakers and will normally do anything to get the some, including quick scams. They run the biggest con artist organization in the YouTube Poop World.

Due to the popularity of their sound effects, you can download these here.

The Eds


Eddy is a greedy, self-proclaimed leader of the Eds. He is generally very overconfident and his scams normally end in failure. He is also the one with the clearest love for money.


Edd is the smartest of the gang, and is generally responsible for helping to think up the scams. He is considered to be the one who makes all the mechanically-related things involved in Eddy's scams. He is also, unlike the other Eds, a straight-A student, and is highly fond of his school-related work.


Ed is the muscle of the group, boasting a large amount of strength, which is needed to construct various machines or buildings for the scams. He is however, the most idiotic of the trio and is probably the least intelligent of them.

General Likes/Dislikes