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Ed Vs Weegee Resurrection is an Film created by mrcrazyistmanever2 (Now crazyistmanever2 ) the Film Weegee along with his Clone Versions of Weegee Began to Attempt to Destroy Cul-De-Sac.The Part 1 Was First Released in February 16, 2011 and it still Currently Making.


Ed,The Main Protagoinst in the Film.He attempts to Stop The Real Weegee and Save the World.

Edd,Tritagoinst in the Film.He's the One of the Few Characters who Are Brainwashed by Weegee.

Eddy,an Deutragoinst in the Film.

Weegee,an Main Villan of the Film.He Designed His Weegee's Clone and Started his Invasion.

Kevin,an Major Character in the Film.He was the one of the Few Characters are Brainwashed by Weegee.

Jimmy,Mama Luigi,Mario,Gay Luigi,all Make Cameo & Guest Stars in this Film.


The Film Begins the Eds starting an Ice Cream Scam,until they notice all people are not Around.They Decided to Go on House Visiting on Doorbell.However,Just as They Costumer Open the Door.They Discovered Jimmy had Weegee Nose & Mustache.The Eds Find that All Citizens of Cul-De-Sac Quarantine.While not known that,Edd decided to Go Ed's House,and told Ed & Eddy to come in One Hour.At Ed's House,Edd gets Haunted by Mysterious Man.Ed & Eddy soon Arrive Moment Later to Find Edd is not Around;until an open Automacallay as the Ed & Eddy go inside Ed's Room to Find where Edd.Meanwhile,at Sarah's Room,Sarah & Jimmy Return from Hospital to Find Edd,who turns to be Completely Killed.Sarah & Jimmy start to Think what Happen to Him until Head Moves Which Double D is,in fact,Brainwashed by Weegee,and Brainwashes Sarah & Johnny.


It Can be Viewed at YT.You Can Watch Part 1,Part 2,Part 3,Part 4,Part 5,Part 6,Part 7,Part 8,Part 9,

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