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Emo Luigi (born 1961; age 60, died November 12, 2002, 18 years ago) is the fifth and final form of Luigi. He is the only human being with no happiness in his soul (other than You).

Life Before Downward Spiral

Emo Luigi was born in 1961. As a baby he would never stop fucking crying and so, his parents gave him up for adoption.

At 17, Emo Luigi ran away from home and never returned.

By 20, Emo Luigi was living in New York while living life horribly.

Suicide Attempts

In 1992, he committed his first suicide attempt only to be saved by Fat Mario

In 1994, he hung himself on a rope only for Yoshikins to eat it and save him

In 1998, Emo Luigi flew off a tall building only for Mr. Incredible to save him. After this Luigi went to the hospital and was charged $1000 on his medical bill.

After numerous attempts he stopped trying to commit suicide and tried to live a fresh live. In 1999, Emo Luigi got a job as a Pizza Delivery boy at Pizza Hutt but was hit by a car on the way to another house. Luckily, he survived.


On November 12, 2002 Emo Luigi overdosed on Squidward's Gaurnteed Weed and fell asleep that night.

The Next Morning he was found dead on his couch and was immediately sent to the hospital. On 2:00 PM, he was announced dead by Dr. Mario who was on call that day.

At his funeral he was revived by Fat Mario, Yoshikins, Dr. Robotnik and Snoop Dogg.


  • Emo Luigi was supposed to appear in the Hotel Mario film but he was rejected by Mama Luigi.
  • He was the first form of Luigi who passed away.
  • He is still said to be roaming the streets asking for someone to kill him.

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