Evil Fuhdeuce

Evil Fuhdeuce is a duck who loves to crap on people for no reason. He murdered 100 people when he bought a AK-47 and shot up a liquor store. Bill Cosby raped Fuhdeuce before getting killed by Capt N' Crunch. He was born when Fuhdeuce turned to the dark side after being killed by Capt N' Crunch with a machete.

Evil Furdeuce has watch many Drew Pickles gay porns and Evil Fuhdeuce wanted to be like Drew Pickles. Evil Fuhdeuce is a douchebag for shitting on Peter Griffin's car. Peter retaliated by shitting on Evil Fuhdeuce's car. Dick Cheney kidnapped Evil Fuhdeuce and he release him into Dick's private hunting ground to be hunted. Evil Furdeuce was shot and killed with a civilian made shotgun.