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The Evil King is a series of videos made by Achille12345. The series focuses on how the king is possessed by evil forces that incite him to destroy Youtube Poop World in a mortal battle against YTP heroes. He also is described as pure insanity and cruelty.


The King has managed to survive Weegee's stare after getting defeated in The Last Stand Against WeeGee (although it was just a dream). Hovewer, soon his mind was being overtaken by an evil force. Days passed and The King started to behave aggressively towards his friends. Finally, he went completely berserk and Hyrule's greatest heroes, Luigi, Mario, Impa, Zelda, Morshu, Link, Gwonam and even Ganon have decided to stop him. The King proved to be no challenge to the team and was defeated in the first turn.

After regaining counciousness, he stole Impa and Zelda's soul to regenerate. He was then able to enter his second form: The Evil King. The damage he dealt was enormous and he could even use stolen souls to power himself up even more. After getting badly hurt, The Evil King used Harkinian soul's power to become Mystic King. He has obliterated the heroes and left Hyrule to spread his darkness around the entire world, only to be soon killed by Waweegee and Walleo. Satan cloned the king using Ganondork and Giygas DNA to Destroy Hyrule And kill Link but Evil King was killed by Haddakini.






Youtube Poop The Evil King Part 1


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