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"Get in my belly!"
– F.B. talking with his dick

Fat Bastard is a villain in the second and third films of the Austin Powers series. A morbidly obese henchman hailing from Scotland, Fat Bastard serves Dr. Evil in his quest to defeat Austin Powers. His extreme size (1 metric tonne, according to Dr. Evil) endows Fat Bastard with massive strength. He exhibited this prowess in the sumo ring.

He is the grandfather of Reverendburn.


Seeing him fight is terrific and by terrific, we mean horrible. If you see him fight, your eyeballs will melt away. Not even a carbon fiber mask can save you. Run if you can otherwise he will ultimately crush you.

True Power

Not seen to any ordinary ass, he reveals his true strength in solitude. Any one who saw him ends up mysteriously dies the next day. Bill Gates survived but is in a clinical coma on the verge of death.


  • Sexy Ladies
  • Taking long shits
  • Having corn in his crap.
  • Bagpipes
  • Dr. Evil
  • Sumo Wrestling
  • His Titties
  • Reverendburn


  • Austin Powers
  • People calling him a Fat Bastard.