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Fat Mario
Full Name Fat Mario Mario
Background Information
Hometown Mushroom Kingdom
Status Alive?
Likes Gay Luigi
Toast (his favorite food)

King Harkinian (best friend)

Dislikes Bowser
Occupation Plumber
Source Hotel Mario
Appearances Hotel Mario
Various YTPs
Sexual Orientation Straight
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Blue
Breast Size
Power Level
Family Gay Luigi (brother)
Friends Princess Peach
Enemies Bowser (archenemy)
The Koopalings
Date Joined

"A-ha! Here is the problem: Too many toasters!"
– Mario before he saves the day

Mario expresses everything that feels to the player.

Fat Mario Mario (born October 17, 1330 age 690) is the actor of Mario's character in Hotel Mario, starring opposite Luigi as Gay Luigi. He is one of the most popular main characters of YouTube Poop and has been in the business since 2007.


Fat Mario was written to be more laid back than the actual Mario. He would also be a little more reckless, especially for food. He goes on a bloodlust when someone steals his food as well.

Powers and Abilities

Fat Mario would walk away unfazed from many injuries that would normally at least break bones such as being sucked through a vacuum and repaeatedly being slammed into walls. There may not be a reason for this, as it was most likely plot armor. He is strong enough to pound nails into brick.


  • Mario often says "No" to people, which often gets him into trouble.
  • Mario is the host of most YouTube Poops, doing the opening slogan by saying "YouTube Poop: Where there's smoke, they pinch back."
  • Mario suffered several injuries during filming, much like Luigi.
    • These injuries include severe penile irritation during the masturbation scene due to not being provided with sufficent lubricant. He also lives in bikini bottom.
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