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Filthy Frank was a lonely man without a wife or anything. He was friends with no one because he Prank's them all the time. He is basically a bully ever since elementary school. He has joined Pink Sheep because he has been a pranked, but is later on rejected by Pink Sheep because he prank'd Pink Sheep too much and a Pink Sheep is very annoyed. He later on met someone that likes Filthy Frank, and he is IDubbbz. Filthy Frank and IDubbz lived a very happy life with each other, later becoming really close friends, and later on, got married. They both lived in a happy life ever since.

It’s time to stop
It’s time to stop.jpeg
It’s time to stop! It’s time to stop okay? No more! Where the fuck r ur parents? Who are your parents? I’m gonna call chomper at your services! It’s time to stop!
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Origins as a Meme
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