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Florian is the current Hotel Manager of The Order of the Hotels and a clone of the previous Hotel Manager. He was created as a clone as the previous one was dying.


In 2014, the original Hotel Manager's health began to deteriorate and he was given only one year to live. His failing health was kept a secret within the very top of the Order and secretly the greatest minds in the Order created a cloning machine in order to make a successor. The machine created seven clones, of which Florian was the sixth.

The original killed the first two due to him secretly being a psychopath. The third, fourth, and fifth were thrown into an active volcano to see if clones could float in lava (they could not) however, the fifth managed to escape and is still missing. That left the Florian and the Seventh. The Seventh was proven to be the best of all the clones and as such he was chosen as the successor, contrasting to Florian who was proven the worst. However, shortly after the original's death the seventh clone died as well after he transferred the poison in a woman's body into his own to save her. This left Florian as the permanent replacement as there were no longer an original to create more clones from.

Shorty after becoming the new Hotel Manager Florian went to McDonald's unescorted and ended up telling the employees there everything he knew about the Order's cloning technology because he was didn't know it was a secret. This led to McDonald's stealing the cloning machine's blueprints and selling their own cloning machines which eventually led to a cloning epidemic.

Today, Florian is kept under strict supervision 24/7.


Florian isn't as smart as the original or the other six clones, and it took him three months to learn his own name. While he was initially shy he soon became a massive blabbermouth and often talks about everything he knows.